About Us

Chatos Inhumanos is a non-profit bilingual publishing house based in New York that publishes contemporary Latinx and Hispanic authors who address the coexistence between their cultural origins and their life in the United States. All the books we publish are available in both Spanish and English with the aim of reducing the language barrier through texts. 


Because Latinx and Hispanic works of literature are systematically underrepresented in the United States, Chatos Inhumanos aims to create a space that helps highlight ideas and creations that are essential to the richness and diversity of American culture. 

Partnered with Los Bárbaros magazine and La Trova Neoyorquina podcast, Chatos Inhumanos works with the goal of building cultural networks that make visible the work of a diverse community of artists in the United States.


Chatos Inhumanos is proudly sponsored by the New York Foundation for the Arts -NYFA


Ulises Gonzales, Publisher

Sara Cordón, Editor-in-Chief, and Managing Director

Leire Leguina, Editor and Business Director

Jeff Peer, Editor and Communication Director

Sara Buitrago, Editorial Assistant 


Víctor Ruiz Velazco, Brand Designer 


Rafael Gómez, Designer 


Adrián Izquierdo, Literary Translation Coordinator

Teodelina Basavilbaso, La Trova Neoyorkina´s Director

Michael E. Rolland, English Translations Editing

Christopher Campbell, English Translations Editing

Sophia Stewart, Editorial Assistant 

Georgina Rodríguez, Communications and Social Media

Special Thanks

Luis Henao Uribe, Co-founder

Jorge Gárate, Co-founder

Stephanie Malak

Almudena Vidorreta


Chatos Inhumano´s community comprises hundreds of friends around the world who build, participate, and support this project enthusiastically.

To all of them, THANK YOU!