Eduardo Yaguas was born in Lima, Peru in 1981. He has worked on and contributed to various fanzines and magazines from around the world, such as Animal Machine, carboncito, Larva, and Revue Citrus. He has also published his own fanzines, such as Los Reptiles y Leño verde. Yaguas has become one of the leading artists of the comics movement in Peru and Latin America. He also leads workshops in watercolor, illustration, and comics in Bolivia, Ecuador, and Colombia. He has participated inn artist’s residency in Medellin, Colombia by invitation from the Entreviñetas International Festival of Comics. He participated in the ICPNA Engraving Biennial in 2017. His first graphic novel Multitudes was published by Pictorama in 2017, and then would sell a collaboration in conjunction with his second book Mario (Notebook of a Traveler), as well as the book Boom, the History of a First y his latest art book For the Night, published by Ediciones Deformes. Currently he participates in different graphic art exhibitions and collectives, and he is working on his next book. 


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